Marie studio photo session





Marie is a very talented young model. We didn’t share that much because on first shooting I like to let experienced model express themselves; I like to see how they do their model thing.

She definitely has what it take to model except for the height. She had great movement, good attitude, she is very directive and proefessional.

The session took place in the studio in Clichy la Garenne.


The shooting:

Date: 18/07/2018

Time: Noon(at 12:30 pm)

Weather: Sunny and hot

Camera: Canon EOS 600D

Lense: 17-200 mm

f 1/10

1/8 s

ISO 2000

Backdrop: white

First stop,  Marie wore a black straight dress with some movement in the front with matching pumps. She had to play with eyeglasses, he normal ones and sunglasses as well.



then she stoke this beautiful black dress for a secretary look. She put a denim pencil skirt with with blouse and pumps. This look was great on her especially for the positions.



From the secretary look, Marie move to the classic girl in a very casual outfit. The last set, Maria had some Texan looking shirts with denim short and pumps.



More off the studio:

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