Coumba – Fall Studio Photoshoot Session

Coumba Ndiaye


Welcome back to the studio with Coumba.


I’ve shooting here and there outside of the studio for more fall photography sessions and some lifestyle photography sessions.

It’s good to be back in the studio.

The photoshoot took place on a bright and sunny day. We had to use the fan because the studio was really hot. For this photo session, I used two softboxes lights and flashes I also use the remote flash and was playing with the light. I mainly use the white background for this photoshoot session in order to focus on the poses and styles of the model.

The shooting:

Date: 29/11/2018

Time: Noon(at 12:30 pm)

Weather: grey and cold as fall weather

Camera: Canon EOS 600D

Lense: 17-200 mm

f 1/8

1/10 s

ISO 3200

Backdrop: white and black

Light: 2 softboxes


The session took place at Clichy La Garenne studio. Coumba brought three pieces for the shooting.

So we first starting back with putting the heat on, set the lights and everything as she was presenting the different accessories to go with her three outfits.

Coumba Ndiaye

So I start the first shooting where the model was wearing this nice outfit, a sort of black combishort with a train. The combishort has this transparency which had more spice.


Coumba Ndiaye

Then the model went for fitted two toned halter dress composed of a black skirt and dotted black and white top. This was also fun to shoot especially playing with those dotted details with the background and so.

Coumba Ndiaye

We last the shooting with this black with red details jumpsuit on a black backdrop. I played with the light, lighting up on spotlight, playing with the set.

Last shots, model wear a black coat:

Coumba Ndiaye


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