Julsi Studio Photography


Julsi is such a motivated, real attentive to the directives even she is a freshman in modeling.

She is volunteer and really eager to pose behind the camera.

We first met in Summer fo two planned session. The first one took place at the studio.

The shooting:

Date: 16/07/2018

Time: Noon(at 12:30 pm)

Weather: Sunny and hot

Camera: Canon EOS 600D

Lense: 17-200 mm

f 1/8

1/8 s

ISO 800

The session went on the way it was planned: we started on time and finished on time. that’s what I like about Julsi.

There was four acts during this studio photo session.


Julsi really has what is takes, the body, the attitude, the height…

At first, she wore this beautiful red dress. The posing were more hesitating, she was kind of doing what I was telling her to do. She was following the poses directives.

Then Julsi has this cute little black dress with matching pumps. This was probably more decontracted and had her more confident. As Julsi’s movements were more soft and the poses more intensed.

For the third set, Julsi had the working girl look with this african print pencil skirt and a black top that matched her pumps. Glasses added more serious to the look.

Then we finish with a casual dress. Model had to wear a denim piece and a top of her choice with heels then sneakers. Julsi opted for a denim short with black top and heels then striked the heels for the sneakers. We finished the sooting with some more decontracted poses.

Thank you so much Julsi for this new venture!

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