Royal Shooting with Soraya




It’s still summer, we are still enjoying the summer time as fall is around the corner.

The shooting:

Date: 15/09/2018

Time: Afternoon (after 3:00 pm)

Weather: Cloudy with sun

Camera: Canon EOS 600D

Lense: 17-200 mm

I met Soraya at the Royal Parc of Paris. When  we picked up the date, we didn’t realize it was also the “Journee du Patrimoine”. This is the day dedicated to the monuments and all kind of architectural buildings in France. There was a lot of people. There was a big line up to get in the Palais Royal.

We didn’t want to get in but just shoot. Bad choice? People were all over the place. Soraya had a set of outfits but finally it wasn’t possible to change that day. So we wen for the shooting with jumpsuit and espadrille. This was a terrific summer look.

Soraya has this incredible curly hair so it was really fun to make headshot on different angles.


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