Coumba Photoshoot Session

Classy in a black ensemble

This is the second time, I’m having a photoshoot session with Coumba as a model.

The session was so inspiring as Coumba brought four different styles: from the business woman dress in a brown pencil to the casual girl in fit black dress, Coumba had to compose four different styles. Everything was on point including the dresses, the hairstyle, the makeup and the attitude. The session was composed of four different parts.

Act 1 – the business woman: Coumba had to wear this business brown pencil dress with black heels sandals . she completed her style with a ponytail.

We had so much fun shooting. The decor was composed of the whiite backdrop and surrexpoed with two softbox lights (one on each side and the mode was positionned in the cnter). She was doing move being the two softboxes.

Business woman in brown pencil dress


Act 2 – Model had to wear a fit black dress: going for a classic look with black heels sandals on. Shooting with two softbox and beige backdrop. The color is more soft and the result is magic:

Coumba wearing a caual fit black dress

Act 3: Model changed to posed in a black chic ensemble, with red pumps and matching handbag.  I kept the two softbox lights with the beige backdrop.

This time, the model was acting with elegance and class:

Classy in a black ensemble


Act 4: Model decided to give some shout out to Africa culture by wearing a handmade light blue ensemble with a hat. We kept the red pumps and handbag. The attitude was under control. Coumba really graced the designer behing this outfit:

Coumba gracing a handmade African designer

Below is the entire gallery:


Photoshoot session of the 07/12/2018 at noon.

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