Lönha pictures


I had the chance to photography this two years old little girl whose name is Lönha at Clichy studio. She was incredible. Shy when I came to her, really shy. But then the tension disappeared with help of mummy abnd auntie Trucia.

Lönha had three different outfits. The first outfit, Lönha oufit, which is more toddler outfit suits her well. We were discovering each other, playing with the lenses, the eye contact, face, smiles, smirks and so on.

Then Lönha got more confident and started expressing herself. When she came in her pale pink dress and afro hairstyle, Lönha was more confident. She played with her hair, smile, played with her autie cup of coffee.

At the third period of the session,  Lönha was at her ease. She was more funny to play, she was imitating , laughing, jumping around. Then we had a shoot with her aunt Trucia. The pictures spoke for themselves as you can see by loading the gallery.



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