Ayline pictures


I’ve met Melissa when she was expecting this little angel. Then only few weeks later, she gave birth to this beautiful little baby girl Ayline.

The photoshoot session of Ayline took place at her home.

It’s always a  good choice to take the first shoot at home because she was a newborn and I wanted her to be safe and photographed in her own environment for the first time. It’s important for newborn to be captured in a quiet place with warm and all that.

That day was hot, realy hot. Ayline had a hard time because she was tired and sweting and sleepy. And when the temperature is over 30 it’s really hard to keep your baby with clothes on.

Ayline had a set of four different outfits for the photoshoot. I had to adaptate with her mood, the weather, her envy and all that.

I try my best not to disturb her that much, letting her sleep when she fell asleep, being calm when she was breastfed, doing some adjustments when she was getting changed.

It was a long session as I have to be really patient with the little princess.


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