Soraya Studio Photoshoot




Second time I met Soraya  for a photo session. This time it took place at Clichy Photo Studio.

Marie is a very talented young model. We didn’t share that much because on first shooting I like to let experienced model express themselves; I like to see how they do their model thing.

She definitely has what it take to model except for the height. She had great movement, good attitude, she is very directive and proefessional.

The session took place in the studio in Clichy la Garenne.


The shooting:

Date: 20/09/2018

Time: noon(at 12:30 pm)

Weather: Fall sunny day

Camera: Canon EOS 600D

Lense: 17-200 mm

f 1/10

1/8 s

ISO 2000

Backdrop: white and black


Soraya brought fout outfits for the occasion, bringing different styles. I did shoot some entire head to toes portrait of her, standing, sitting, posing and so on. Then I focused on her face, she has such nice hair that I couldn’t helping focusing on it 🙂

So I had some great headshot of her in different position and backdrops.


First of, she posed with a nice simple print dress and some sandals. Posing here and there, trying to reproduce the poses I was suggesting to her. Then she got more confident and try to pose by herself.

She replaced the print dress by a white top and black pant posing on a white black. I had to manage white on white. That was pretty interesting.




Then she went for a more casual outfit by wearing denim pant and two tops. For the casual style, I chose a black backdrop to add more spice on the pictures.

I also played with the lights. First I shot with two lights and softboxes then I swithed for one. So I got the results below.


Here are some picks of the photo session:

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