Trucia at Deauville Beach



When you think about Deauville, you think about the beach, the food, the glam.

I had a great time shooting there with Trucia during summer golden hours. The beach was so empty, the sun was on point, no wind, hot water.

For the photo session, we started really early. At that time, horses are hanging at the beach to have so fresh air and salted water πŸ™‚


The shooting:

Date: 18/07/2018

Time: Noon(at 12:30 pm)

Weather: Sunny and hot

Camera: Canon EOS 600D

Lense: 17-200 mm

f 1/10

1/8 s

ISO with fixed value at 100

I had many adjustments as the sun was up and down, sometimes there was clouds sometimes no. It was pretty tricky but great πŸ™‚ I decided to keep ISO at 100 and play with the aperture and speed.

For headshots, most of the time:

Lense 70-200 mm @150 mm to @200 mm

Speed 1/400s to 1/500 s

Aperture f/5 to f/5,6

While for full body, I prefered to use:

Lense 70-200 mm @70 mm to @90 mm

Speed 1/320s to 1/500 s

Aperture f/5 to f/5,6

with ISO at 100

I started shooting some horses while model was getting warm up and ready for the photoshoot. I did all my setting as it was golden hour, right before the sun rises. Great time for shooting especially in summer.



Trucia bought some swimsuits for the shoot and a dress with pumps to add some glam at the promenade.

First of, Trucia wore a blue dress with beige pumps and a hat. She posed on the rock, on the sand and of course with Deauville famous umbrellas.


Then she undressed to wear a mismatch bikini. She posed on the sand, on the rock and on a brightful ice cream box which was closed at that time.




Then switching for a pink bikini, my pink bikini, for some poses on the rock, onΒ  the sand, on the box and with the umbrellas.


She finished with a blue bikini and we got close to the water. She played with the waves and all that glam the beach brings. We had such a great time and it was a great photo session.

Here is the collection of Trucia at Deauville Beach:


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